Doug DeMeyer-President

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We've built our reputation on excellence in shipping and logistics, with a constant focus on serving our customers.

The principles of our business have remained steadfast through the past 13 years--fast and safe transport of even the most difficult freight while following all safety and government guidelines. We work locally with RV manufacturers from the area to ensure constant work for our drivers. We know the ins and outs of transportation. The difference, in one word, is experience. Our drivers and dispatchers, have it in spades.

MDZ Trucking, LLC

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Renee McClain-Dispatch

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Josh Smith- Dispatch

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​​Ryan Wolf-Tractor Driver/Shuttle


Meet our staff

Please welcome John to the MDZ team! John will be managing the safety and recruiting position. Please say hello and introduce yourself to him next time you visit the office! 

Latest news 2021

9270 W. US Highway 20 Shipshewana, IN 46565

We've moved! Our old building at 9270 W US Hwy 20 no longer exists. However, you can find us at the same location, just up the hill to your left in the brick building.

MDZ Trucking, LLC will be closed Nov 25th and 26th in observation of Thanksgiving. We will reopen with normal business hours on Monday, Nov 29th. Happy Thanksgiving!

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JULY 2021

John Ferry- Safety & Recruiting

260-768-2030 Ext. 5

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NOV 2021

Nikki DeMeyer-​AR

260-768-2030 Ext. 4

-To build winning relationships with our staff to create a great customer service team

-To work as a team with our customers, drivers, and staff to develop a workable solution for a higher value of service

-To recruit and retain qualified drivers that promote safety to our community, cargo and drivers

-To provide customers with the best solution for their transportation needs